La Bella Hair Extensions are a GREAT option for someone wanting immediate length or thickness without having to wait for natural growth.

If you are considering hair extensions, there are a few things you need to know. We cover them in this guide.

What do we use?

We are here to run you through the ‘what to know’ regarding LA BELLA human hair extensions. To check out the range of hair we use in salon, head to Jayne Hair Extension Co .

What type of hair do we use?

At La Bella Vita, we use Jayne Hair Extension Co Russian Remy hair extensions. Our hair is made from silky, soft & healthy Remy Russian human hair and can be treated just like your own hair. Safely cut, dye, curl and style your hair extensions as you would your own hair. La Bella hair extensions are thick from roots to ends and will not leave your hair looking ratty or thin. All sets are double wefted, to allow for more hair per piece. La Bella use the highest grade of human hair extensions and have been compared to other local suppliers and have had nothing but the BEST feedback for quality.

Are extensions for you?

Extensions are for anyone with long enough natural hair to attach to. Given that your hair is strong enough and healthy enough, almost anyone can have extensions. If your hair is excessively naturally thick it can be harder to blend, so be sure to come into salon to get your hair assessed by one of our professional stylists. Even if your hair is already long, La Bella extensions can add that luscious thickness you have been longing for.

How do I care for my hair?

La Bella extensions require specific home care to ensure longevity. Specific washing products and leave in moisturisers must be used to care for your hair. Protein will dry out your extensions and they will not last as long as they are designed for. The hair has been processed, chemically coloured and straightened before it reaches your head. Don’t worry, our stylists have already put together your home care to take home with your new hair to ensue they last as long as possible. We encourage you to style your hair as usual, taking care to be gentle on the roots and either braiding / plaiting before exercise or bed.

Types of extensions?

We offer several different styles of extensions. Tape, La Weave, Flat Track and beaded weft for permanent application and clip in pieces for easy wear at home. Our hair extension website has our entire range available to buy at Jayne Hair Extension Co .


Extensions MUST be maintained every 6 weeks. Your appointment will take between 1-2 hours to remove, cleanse and re – apply your extensions. As your natural hair grows, your extensions shift down with the growth. We need to move them up to maintain discretion and avoid any damage or knotting. Now that you know everything there is to know before taking the plunge, contact your extensionist today on 0411 846 266 to make your consultation and start the ball rolling!

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