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Every time your in desperate need of your cut and colour you have left it way too long and now it needs the works? Your strapped for cash AND its your Inlaws hosting that party next weekend with ALL of your partners relatives….. OOPS!

You did it AGAIN!

You continue to tell yourself you will be more organised next time and put the funds away , but you never do. Welcome to just about every single person we know, and their life. We want you to look your best ALL the time so why shouldn’t your hair be like your gym membership? We are even going to REWARD you with giving an extra $5 towards every $20 you put in . We aren’t t so good with maths ourselves, hence why we laid it out for you to see below!.

$20 Per Week Over 8 Weeks = $160 PUS Bonus $40!

$35 Per Week Over 8 Weeks = $280 PLUS Bonus $60!

$50 Per Week Over 8 Weeks =$400 PLUS Bonus $80!

Cancel ANY TIME. Quick and Easy non invasive set up .

If its styling that you need, you should take a walk with me!

This quick and EASY package is exactly what it says it is. UNLIMITED blowdrys for $250 a month, no matter what your length is. Pay up front and recceive 30 days of hair BLISS . Feel free to add in a little treatment here and there , just speak to your stylist.

To know more about either of these programs or to start your’s today , Please give us a call directly on 0411 846 266 or send us an email.

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